• I'm contemplating using Nodebb or Discourse for my forum community as part of a popular blog I run.

    My audience takes a lot of pride in identifying with certain labels, MBTI Types, Astrological Signals etc..

    I like the staff ribbons Nodebb uses like the blue Admin one. I was hoping to be able to allow my users to self-assign ribbons based on their user level (users with under 100 posts can only select from say 5 different ribbons), so they can display multiple ribbons under their name. Would this be possible to do with Nodebb? Or is it already?

    Thank you.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Don-Mateo-Sol this would be a separate plugin, as far as users selecting their own ribbons and all. As far as I know there's no plugin that allows users to select their own badges at the moment.

  • Definitely plugin territory. If you want to commission the plugin there's plenty of plugin authors in the community who might want to take a stab at it 🙂

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