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  • The good thing about NodeBB is that the plugins are growing in number day after day, and to install plugins just a few commands away. Here's my suggestion: what if you guys reply to this thread a collection of plugins that can make a NodeBB-based forum habitable and likeable enough without making it bloated. (on the different note, maybe some recommended ACP configurations, e.g. storage option to S3 or Imgur).

    I've got couple things to ask about recommended NodeBB setup, for instance, NodeBB official docker image (do we have this at the moment?), NodeBB backup strategy (cron, rysnc, backup to S3), and installation strategy (db of choice, et cetera).

    If we have enough answers for this thread, I'll bake a blog post which would have the title "Recommended NodeBB configurations and strategies".

    Sounds fun, I guess.

  • Heheh... no best practices as of yet, but that is the appeal of NodeBB. I (and I think the other admins and reps share our vision on this) really wanted NodeBB to be a "pick and choose" system to allow you to build a system you want to build, instead of what some other entity has decided.

    I liken it to buying a computer. You could save time (and maybe money) by taking something off-the-shelf that a big box manufacturer as put together, or you could build the computer you want by picking the parts and assembling them together yourself.

    As for best practices -- Node is really all about division of responsibility. Don't do things unless you absolutely have to do them, that sort of thing.

    This is why:

    • Search is handled by Solr plugin
    • Avatars are handled by Gravatar
    • Emails are handled by Mandrill
    • Image uploads are handled by Imgur

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