How to install NodeBB on centos with whmcpanel installed

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    This query is on behalf of an EdTech startup in India. We are exploring NodeBB for building our MVP. I would like to connect with any freelance developer who is familiar with the codebase of NodeBB so we could engage him/her to guide our developers.

    We believe that the initial learning can be accelerated if we can onboard a freelancer who is familiar with NodeBB. Any interested freelancer can contact us on WhatsApp at

    Any referrals would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to understand our requirements.

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    If your site contains a lot of user data such as images you may want to consider using a plugin that would offload that content to a 3rd party provider such as Imgur or Amazon S3. Plugins exist for NodeBB for both of those services.

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    I just did an install of NodeBB 0.8.2 and it installed nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill 0.3.1 with it which is only compatible with NodeBB 0.9.^. In addition to the declared version problem I was also getting a related error on NodeBB startup until I removed the mandrill plugin.

    I worked around this problem by removing mandrill and then installing it like this:

    npm install [email protected]

    I poked around to see how nodebb installs nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill and it appears that this plugin is installed in a special way? It is not mentioned in the package.json requirements for nodebb.

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    Awesome, glad we got that figured out 🙂

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    It's difficult to make a bridge Ghost and Nodebb. And I still have not managed to install Nodebb ^^.
    I do not truly master nodejs.