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  • @NiLord That error is fine, as you didn't run the flush command, so there's no config to put back, as is my understanding. Are their any errors regarding the categories?

    What happens if you visit

  • @a_5mith The browser outputs a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error.

  • I just try to make all the process again in a clean installation in order to have a screenshot from the first error I get when I exported it the first time.

    Captura de pantalla 2014-07-27 a la(s) 14.36.54.png

    When the socket error appers I DO have my forum exported but any thread at all

    Captura de pantalla 2014-07-27 a la(s) 14.42.50.png

    Users are exported too:

    Any ideas?

  • Can you run redis -v and let me know what version of redis you're using. Minimum required is 2.6.0.

  • 2.8.9 here 🙂

  • @NiLord
    here's how it works:

    • Categories (aka forums) have topics in them (aka threads)

    • each topic is owned by a user (_uid), belong to a Category (_cid) and have main _content property. if a topic's user or category was not imported the whole topic (along with of its posts) gets ignored

    • each post belongs to a topic (_tid), if the topic get ignored, the post is ignored obviously.

    • in your case, something is obviously wrong, but for me to find out what it is, I need your storage folder ([email protected]), zipped along with these other info:

      • which version of NodeBB are u using? (even a commit hash would be fine) (that error that you're seeing happens if you don't uncomment 1 line of code, but you should'nt have to do that with the latest master NodeBB)

      • which version of the importer are u using? (I am assuming the latest?)

    ps: you would have to be patient with me for the next 2 weeks, i'm 7+ hours off my usual timezone and on a 1mb/s internet speed.

    With the NodeBB 0.5.0's release, and after I am back to normal life, i am planning is much easier import process, no more terminal crap and no more storage files and shit, if you're not in a rush, ETA 4-6 weeks for my release

  • First of all thanks for the answer, @bentael. We are not really in such a big rush but we would like to export everything as soon posible.

    I'll send you the information you require to try to figurate out what's going on. As I said we're not in a "rush" and I understand you are busy (I'm kinda busy too with my work that's why I want to take my time to make everything works fine).

    Thank you again!

  • Hi, @bentael !

    I just sent you the email with the information you required. I'll try to post in this thread a solution if we get it. Maybe this would be an excellent reference for those who have the same problem.

    Thanks again

  • I'm having a similar issue on my site. Did you ever find a solution?


  • Not too sure if this is a bit late or not, but I have converted the phpBB importer to work for myBB

    Needed one for a site I am actually busy with at the moment.
    Hope this helps someone

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