I can't setup NodeBB with LevelDB

  • I tried to use leveldb on a debian machine. But it does not work.
    I got this error :

    error: Unable to initialize Level DB! Is Level DB installed? Error :Cannot read property 'Store' of undefined

    Note : I ran the setup with root user.

  • Had a similar issue with redis a while back, possibly related. Do a search for store of undefined, you'll see a topic called git pull broke redis. I know it's level db not redis, but there may be something in there.

  • Staff Admin

    This PR needs to be merged


    You can do the same change in connect-level if you want.

    Also not all the features are fully implemented in leveldb so you wont be able to use it in a production environment.

  • Admin

    Haha no. Even when LevelDB was first implemented, it was sketchy at best. I was hoping it'd pick up within the LevelDB community but I bet not even one of them have heard about NodeBB yet. Anyways, lesson learnt, next time I revisit the DBAL it will definitely be postgres, I think.

  • I was interested by LevelDB because I searched on google and on the project page, the author said that LevelDB is fast and lightweight.

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