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  • How do you change HTML on pages?

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    @pitaj I've tried what you have said. No errors in host machine while listening on

    ./nodebb log

    the only errors are in the Dev Tools Console Tab, so the request isn't ever even sent to the server (to my small amount of knowledge).

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    @byAppeL look in your browser address bar. Are you accessing the site at My guess is that the port (:4567) does not show up in your address bar, and you're accessing the site at one of the default ports. In that case, remove the :4567 from the url value in config.json.

    I don't know how many times I'll have to say this, but the url value in config.json should be set to exactly the url at which you access your site. The protocol, domain, path, and port should all be identical to what you see in the address bar of your browser.

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    can registered user post in Group ? i didn't see the New Topic button .

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    Btw this is on my NodeBB

  • Remove bump topic

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    Hello. Where can i remove bump topic? I need to after add the post a topic is not raised.