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  • I was just curious if v0.50 would be demoing permission levels for the different user groups. Say I created a custom user group and wanted to allow them to change their usernames, but those in the default member group being unable to do so - same thing can be said for post deletion, or modification after a set amount of time.

    Would we see this sort of permission handling in the up and coming, or at the very least is this something that can be managed via plugin in the up and coming release?

    Naturally I'm going to tag everyone in this, just to be annoying ❤
    @psychobunny @baris @julian

  • I agree, permission handling for groups is a pretty necessary part of running any large forum. Would be extremely handy to see this in v0.50.

  • @Tanner, doesn't look like it's scheduled for v0.50. However, enhanced permissions could probably be introduced as a plugin, with the potential to be integrated to core down the road depending on the code, and opinions of the forum team.

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