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    My NodeBB forum v2.5 has asked me to 'confirm my email before posting in some categories', again!
    I did confirm it previously
    Has anyone else ever seen this?
    I want to monitor this in the database, does anyone know which of the tables confirmed status is stored in?

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    Are you sure you didn't sign up for two accounts with two different users?

    I earlier wondered about that so I tried logging in using the alt gmail and was taken to a screen requesting I accept their access to info agreement, as if I were registering. I did not proceed.

    So strong implication is that being signed up under that account was not my issue (though it's not 100% because maybe terms of usage had changed, or due to a long time of inactivity, system requires a re-confirmation procedure).

    Could you try hitting the unsubscribe link in the email you receive?

    Now that's such a good idea, I expose myself as a doofus.

    The most recent email (to secondary account) had two links at the bottom:


    First I tried the alter settings link:


    Interesting, huh?

    Then I tried unsubscribe link:


    I guess we'll see if that eliminates the nuisance emails.

    The existence of the problem however remains mysterious.


    Now, after typing all the above, I notice the link for the alter settings action is simply


    which prods me to try the link with the trailing /settings removed, and I see it's valid, and it shows:


    Well I know from my notes that I was learning to access the site on that date, so apparently I did inadvertently activate that alternate account at that time.

    Thank you, PitaJ. I should have been able to solve this without your help.

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    Thanks, but can someone tell me a way to do it instead. changing it via database, but how technically ?

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    @zenkamal Not yet, no. The email system sends out three kinds of emails:

    Welcome/confirmation email Password reset email Daily digest email

    The presentation of content in each is determined by the template in the theme, so it's actually up to the theme to decide what to show (out of the data sent in each email).

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    @julian That would be great. If you think that might be a ways off, I'd be happy to take a shot at it with a few pointers (new to node)