Top devs are leaving node behind.. what that means?

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  • Im talking to a friend.. he said some great dev's are moving out node core development... on of them is the express and koa creator... but his posts.. seems like "i had a fight with someone inside the core development and google paid me to say good things about GO.. and that have to program in GO for now" ...

    what do you guys think?

    and node 11 was on the oven.. koa using that cut on callbacks.. i cant figure out something else besides money...

  • Time will expose what the reason was, whether it was a dispute, or money. It's unfortunate that there's so much rivalry going on in the Node.js core (what with the leadership swap from earlier this year).

    This shouldn't affect Node.js v0.11, and I don't agree with TJ's conclusion that focusing on efficiency is the wrong direction.

    ... but the NodeBB team is pretty far removed from the Node.js core, so I don't think we'll be abandoning it any time soon 🙂

  • Looks like its time for GoBB 😆

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    @baris I got the color to change. I see i can also modify othre things. thanks!

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    I saw this on this nodebb

    is it a theme or is it a setting in ACP?

    I know, it's Material

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    @julian ok..I thought its for node js

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    Hey folks!

    First off, some links:

    oddlog - repository: oddlog-cli - repository:

    I've been working on a project called oddlog, object driven data logging, lately. It's still in early development (as of now version 0.1.3, first code written about two weeks ago), but I'd like to present it to you anyways.

    If you know a logging library called bunyan, oddlog will probably look pretty familiar to you. It's because bunyan has been the main inspiration, but also the reason why I needed to come up with a new project.

    If you know bunyan:

    At first I tried to get bunyan working the way I wanted it to

    Have several output streams for the same messages - yes, bunyan is pretty good at this (even so the overuse of the name "stream" is pretty confusing) Have some backtrack-logging as soon as a messages level exceeds a specified threshold - I ended up with a half-working solution for bunyan that had to wrap and use some of bunyans internal functions; an ugly hack Have a reliable logging system - bunyan has a commented-out function called Logger#close which never got finished or even close to working. Thus when your application breaks or you call process.exit, you have no way to ensure the logging messages have been flushed to the files Have good code quality. Perform well

    After taking a deeper look into the source-code of bunyan I decided not to fork and modify it but to create a very own logging library from scratch that provides similar functionality but better maintainability and more abstract transports.
    As of today, I've managed to implement the basic logging system with most features bunyan provides, but in addition the possibility of nested transports (e.g. the backtracking transport allows you to specify sub-transports to deliver messages to) and advanced options for deferred transports (e.g. the backtracking transport). Since the backtracking transport does not deliver messages as soon they arrive, we have the question how to handle payload in the mean time. A deep clone would be optimal to prevent future modification by the user, but performs very bad. Thus I decided to give the control to the user application via some immediate* options for such transports.
    In my opinion the maintainability is great and code quality pretty good (including jsdoc for relevant parts) - The same does not hold for the command-line interface yet; I'll have to tidy that up soon.
    Performance wise I haven't completed all necessary benchmarks yet, but overall it looks pretty promising and outperforms bunyan in most tests.

    If you don't know bunyan:

    I'm not going to repeat, what I've already written within the project overview 😉 Just check it out.

    Now to the purpose of this post...

    As the project is growing more mature every day I'm in need of some real-world applications using it to detect any bugs and get some feedback about the experience. So if you're developing a non-professional node.js project that is in its early stages, so it's not too bad if something with the logging system goes wrong, it would be great if you could help me simply by using oddlog. I will definitely use it in all of my future projects since I'm confident it's better than all other logging libraries I know of. But of course it needs some proper testing and application yet. If you would use it while I'm improving it (and hence not working on applications that actually use it), it would probably get more stable faster.
    However, keep in mind that it's in early development and may show up a bunch of bugs. Although my simple-by-design example applications work well.

    Besides the default oddlog and oddlog-cli packages (written in ES6, but CommonJS module system), there are babel transpiled versions oddlog-legacy and oddlog-cli-legacy available for non-bleeding-edge versions of node.js - I'm not sure how they perform thought.

    Feel free to contribute in any way, that would be highly appreciated 👍

    Please share any comments and thoughts ❤

    Many thanks, frissdiegurke

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    @julian said:

    Hey @carguy! Welcome to NodeBB 😄

    Our hosting platform takes the stress out of maintaining your own NodeBB (although personally, there's not all that much stress 😆). If you're not so hot with the technical side, we do it all for you for a monthly fee, and that sounds like something that'd fit with your forum. Feel free to register a new account on, contact me at [email protected], and I'll throw in a free month 😄

    Migration is extra, although we'll help you with that as well. It usually takes about an hour or two's work, can expand further in an email.

    We don't have any advertisement plugins except adsense at the moment, although we're looking to integrate with another third-party advertiser, possibly. Which ad company do you use? We also don't have the facility to show widgets only to guests, which really ought to be a feature.

    Preferences such as...? Groups right now are more of just a way to restrict permissions (some forums accessible to certain groups only, etc).

    Hello Julian. Will be in touch soon via email. 🙂

    @a_5mith said:

    Hey pal, do you use buddypress as your forum platform currently? (Only forum solution for Wordpress I can think of)

    Their are currently no membership plugins available, however it's something I've also been thinking about, so will add it to the Plugin Request Topic

    You can create groups for people, which as Julian mentioned, would allow for you to set permissions on those groups (access to certain categories, being able to post in certain categories (Sellers being able to create a topic on a for sale page, then anyone else just being able to reply to a topic, not start one for example).

    We currently have both BBPress and Buddypress, but one of the main things we are being told by our members is notifications. Going by the plugins and features on the pricing page. that will interest our members and get the community growing and interacting again. 🙂

    I'm not a fan of adding loads of plugins as I have found out that my current website takes 4 seconds to load, from what I believe is due to the plugins. Had a look around on a few node forums and they load in a fraction of a second, which in my books is much better lol 🙂

    @psychobunny said:

    We actually had a request to build a paid membership plugin a couple of months ago, although I'm not really sure what the progress is on that, the client may have decided that they didn't need it any longer

    Currently they're handling paid memberships manually. So after they get paid (via paypal or whatever portal) they go into the ACP and upgrade the member by hand. It's not bad if you don't have too many paid customers

    This would be more for our sponcers and advertisement, giving traders access to sell on our forum but also have some kind of banner (if this forum software allows something like this?)

    Standard membership will not happen due to social media sadly. Seen many forums slowly get smaller and smaller due to p;aid memberships where the same questions can be asked on Facebook or Twitter. Hey ho, such as life. 🙂