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  • Version 1.2.0 is out.

  • While the plugin is fully functional on 0.5.0...

    Your topics will return 404 pages. Deactivating the plugin give access back.

    On the code side and why there will likely be an update in not a long time but I need to be sure before.
    NodeBB seems to have changed how the slugs are interpreted, so a topic called I'm a test is accessible via

    If you write %(violet)[I'm a test] the address will become

    The thing is that having the color in the url was something I considered ugly and so I used a little regex to clean the address like to be again

    But what worked before is no longer working it will return a 404 because NodeBB is looking for this address to display the topic information

    Checking domain/api/topic/1/ returns domain/topic/1/violet-i-m-a-test so I guess it could just be a URL rewriting thing. I also don't know why the slugs would have change to be the exact same as the topic before doing domain/topic/1/whatever was displaying the topic.

    I did that rewriting for SEO issues and also to avoid things like domain/topic/14/rgb-41-223-143-test

    @baris, @julian, @psychobunny
    What is the behaviour to keep, if the new one is the one to preserve I'll update the plugin in consequence, but I think rewriting urls should be something to consider.

  • The wrong slugs are returning 404 now because of this issue.

    Previously if you would include an image in your post with ![](test) it would load the entire topic again because it would make a request to and since the slug didn't matter it would reload the entire topic.

    If we can figure out a better way to handle this instead of just sending 404 for wrong slugs then we can go back to ignoring slug.

  • @baris Isn't the problem to figure out why ![](test) is calling ?
    So if understand I'll have to wait and see if I remove this feature from the plugin or keep it.

    Maybe the solution is to be able to set custom slugs via plugin on

  • It's just the way it works, it treats it as a local image and tries to load from /topic/1/test which matches the topic route and loads the topic if we don't check the slug.

    I haven't found another way to prevent it other than checking the slug and making sure its correct.

  • New version 1.3.0
    Update for NodeBB v0.6.0 compatibility
    Infinite scrolling supported

  • It's better when the good version of NodeBB is given (dumb me).
    Patch 1.3.1 "compatibility": "^0.5.0" → "compatibility": "^0.6.0"

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