Will it scale?

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  • Hi there.

    I'm doing the research to see if we can run our community on NodeBB. Long history short: I'm fascinated with NodeBB (great work guys!! 馃檪 ) and the core features we need are supported. We know we'll need some extra features and are willing to do the work.

    The main concern at this stage is: Will it scale?

    I checked the whole list of sites using NodeBB and didn't see anything as big as our forum, so, I think this is going to be a challenge.

    We have 2 million users, 4 million posts, and 1.2 million topics. That's about the DB.

    About the traffic, we serve 250.000 pageviews each day for 150.000 visitors.

    And of course, we expect to improve on all of these numbers with a better user experience thanks to NodeBB. Questions is:

    Do you think NodeBB is in good shape for this?

    Also for you guys that know the roadmap of the project (@julian @psychobunny @barisusakli) : Should we wait for something that's on your mind that needs improvement or can we take this chalenge now?

    I will appreciate all your answers.

    We are not rushing on this one at all, but need to know if we can go forward with NodeBB.


  • Maybe you can't answer this but...what forum is it???? If you answer it bodes well for scaling 馃檪

  • @zenkamal sure, no problem! It's YoReparo.com. We are a community on spanish about fixing all kind of stuff. If it's breakable come with us 馃檪

    We have a possible strategy to launch a Beta version of our community with NodeBB. Would not be full load, but we can get some thousand users to play with it.

    Does that sounds better?

    However, that would be for us a middle step to fix anything (and check if it's doable) on NodeBB for on the middle term, get this kind of user experience for all of our community.

    So, we can start with a smaller step. Don't want to scare you 馃檪


  • @Mauricio (slightly off-topic) but this system might be relevant to YoReparo. it's called Curiosume and it is a learn/teach matching system that utilizes Wikipedia to classify skills. es possible se puede reparar cualquier cosa en realidad con Curiosume. more information about it here:


    i think there is a lot of optimization still possible to make NodeBB run faster. there is still redundancy in the client/server protocol but this is easily improved.

    i am interested in how to scale node web services in a completely distributed network, aka P2P or mesh network. to do this, servers must communicate and synchronize data (but not necessarily all data).

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