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    It is taking me some time - mostly because I'm not familiar enough with NodeJS / NodeBB.

    Some observations:

    Took a while to get the ./nodebb setup routine to work - had to do it first for MongoDB and then for Redis and then combine the two files and restart (redis / mongodb nodejs files do not get installed on the npm install command).

    Then got stuck with launching multiple processes on reboot with systemd. Gave up on that and just used a crontab @ reboot line to run a shell script. Need to figure out how to restart / reload processes seamlessly.

    Found some issues with and spdy - did not investigate, disabled spdy on nginx.

    Found some issues with the 0.7.0 branch and upgraded to master 0.7.1 and found that much more stable. But these were plugin related - sections, adsense - dropped them both.

    Made the mistake of setting the production flag in the environment variable NODE_ENV. 🙂

    As of now, have a test site running persona, notifications plugins on a distributed setup - NFS / REDIS / MONGO DB on one server and a barebones NODEJS + NGINX/SSL on another.

    Seems stable for now on a test setup on will give it a day or two while I play around with the templates / plugins and watch memory usage, before I go through another effort to set the autoscale / loadbalancer up.

    @baris @julian @psychobunny - I really like what I see so far. Well done. If all goes well with the setup / eval, I will be dropping you guys an email to see if I can fund some development. 🙂

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    Out of curiosity, why don't you use Redis? the new redis cluster feature let you shard data to multiple servers.

  • Will it scale?

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    @Mauricio (slightly off-topic) but this system might be relevant to YoReparo. it's called Curiosume and it is a learn/teach matching system that utilizes Wikipedia to classify skills. es possible se puede reparar cualquier cosa en realidad con Curiosume. more information about it here:

    i think there is a lot of optimization still possible to make NodeBB run faster. there is still redundancy in the client/server protocol but this is easily improved.

    i am interested in how to scale node web services in a completely distributed network, aka P2P or mesh network. to do this, servers must communicate and synchronize data (but not necessarily all data).