[nodebb-plugin-imgshow] Nodebb Imgshow Plugin (Latest ver 0.0.14 20160706)

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  • Hi I just update nodebb-plugin-imgshow plugin to version 0.0.8, adding composer button to help easily embed the media into post. Adding the screenshots in the first post.

  • Oh wow, this is starting to look really good.

    Initially I developed this plugin for Discuz! forum software

    Did you port it over or did you write it from scratch? Also, as a plugin developer who's worked with more than one software, how is our plugin system compared to Discuz! etc? (ex. how easy/hard, learning curve, etc)

  • @psychobunny Discuz! is PHP based, and NodeBB is Node JS based. I love Node JS. Front end and back end all Javascript, and everywhere is "callback". And NodeBB plugin system quite easy to learn, adding Node JS also easy to learn, so learning curve OK.
    I try to port it over the same or similar functionality one by one from scratch during my journey learning NodeBB.

  • Hi, I just enable SoundCloud features for NodeBB Imgshow Plugin.
    SoundCloud will be like Youtube features, just requires a keyword that auto search the music.
    For whom that already installed this plugin, just restart your NodeBB, then go to Editor, click the button, you will see "soundcloud" button is listed!!!

  • Adding soundcloud code to the plugin.
    Adding Air Quality Index code to the plugin, by passing latitude and longitude.

  • This plugin is not yet compatible with NodeBB v0.6.0, a pull request is incoming.


    I'm also getting a lot of 403 Forbidden requests when I use your plugin, but it may be related to the fact that I am working out of a cafe right now 😄

  • @julian Thanks you. I managed to get the same error.
    I had merged your pull request, and made a fix to get rid of 403 error.

  • Just want to mention that the latest version currently is 0.0.13, you may npm upgrade the plugins.

  • Thanks @fyhao! 😄

  • Hi All,

    I just made an update to the plugin in order to compatible with latest version v1.0.3 and with the following new updates.


    • Added preview feature
    • Added some grouping for the features
    • Added geolocation capability. If your nodebb served via HTTPS and your user was using Chrome or any browser support geolocation, you can auto fill in latitude, longitude to some feature like map, weather.
    • FIX some UI overlapping issue under v1.0.3
    • Compatible up to nodebb v1.0.3

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