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    I checked my User Profile on this NodeBB platform with the hope to find a thread I started few days back. I guess if there's a way to filter the results into topic posted by me and comments posted by me would be great. Picture above is from CrunchBang Linux Forum running on FluxBB.


    As much as I hate to compare Discourse with NodeBB out of fear it would incur spiralling collateral debate NodeBB vs Discourse, but I have to point out that Discourse also has this feature. Neat.

    Discourse sample

  • Click the Profile dropdown on the right of your forum profile, you'll see Topics & Posts.

    Topics == Topics you've made.
    Posts == Posts you've made.

    Or have i missed your point?

  • @a_5mith my bad. I was searching at the wrong place. Found it.

  • @aixnr Good stuff. 👍

    imaginary marked as solved.. 😆

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