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    Wonder if I could introduce myself here, but anyway I'll just do it. It is a good thing to know people around us 🙂

    My name is Aizan, from Malaysia and currently studying in Rochester NY (BSc. Biotech). I'm 20, and still have long long way to go.

    Found NodeBB when I was browsing NodeJS projects. The first Node-based app that I tried (and currently using) is Ghost CMS, and I am loving it. Not because it is fast or novelties it introduces, but I just wanna be different than most bloggers that currently still with WordPress. And at least when there's a coffee talk, I can easily attract eyes towards me by saying "I am a blogger, and I use Ghost". How does that sound? Hahaha.

    Since I am just 20, what kind of advice would you guys give to me?

    Thanks, and glad to be here.

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    Hi @aixnr 🙂

    Like NodeBB, Ghost is a relative new project, so it definitely stands out. They're also doing much to really turn around the blogging platform industry, which has been stagnant for quite awhile (WordPress really cornered the market there).

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