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  • Hey,

    How can I listen to a hook just before a composer is open.

    I want to create a plugin that add custom fields to the composer (and post) based on the category. So I need to listen to a hook that can give me the category id as I open a composer to create/edit a post.


  • @Ali-Hussain hello there

    You'll want to listen to one of the client-side hooks fired by the composer-default plugin.

    For example, filter:composer.create is fired right before the composer template is parsed.

    import on from 'hooks';
    on('filter:composer.create', ({ postData, createData }) => {
      // change things here

    Look inside the file static/lib/composer.js in nodebb-plugin-composer-default to see other hooks fired by the composer plugin.

  • I have tried filter:composer.create and and both are not firing, the only filter hook that is firing for me is filter:composer.formatting but that does not have the correct data i need (for example the catogory, etc)

    I am using nodebb v3.0

    thx for your help

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