So what you use for storage?

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  • Hi folks!

    My nodebb forum grows and i kind of puzzled, which hosting can be used for storage of images, imgur is free which is good and there i saw Amazon .
    What would you recommend? I need like 500 GB storage or at least 150 GB Storage .
    In theory i can buy small server with enough storage place and make my own "cloud storage" via ownCloud or Nextcloud.

    Is there any plugin which allow to have multiple storage places at one and the same time?
    This would be great, because then i would be able to have a redundancy and the speed.

  • @NikolaiPatrushev If you go by the sheer number of forks of the S3 uploads plugin... then S3 is pretty popular.

    I'm personally not a fan of AWS (I like the flexibility of VPS, over microservices)... my personal choice would be to use a Volume block storage attached to my DigitalOcean droplet.

    This, of course, is predicated on you using DigitalOcean, if you don't, then that's moot 😄

  • What are your suggestions? I require at least 150 GB of storage and preferably 500 GB.
    Theoretically, I could purchase a modest server with sufficient storage space and create my own "cloud storage" using ownCloud or Nextcloud.

  • @julian I tend to avoid big cloud providers, i would prefer many small cloud providers communication via highly secure and encrypted protocols via internet.

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