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  • Hi, I m writing my own plugin for auth, it will check if the token exists and it is valid (with custom APIs) then proceed, if not then logout.

    I looked into website found that this hook can help me "response:middleware.authenticate"

    I have integrated it and tested it locally, but sometimes it doesn't execute at all. I don't know the reason. So I m a little concern that may be I cannot rely on it. if there any other hook which can be use for auth check please let me know


  • If you're looking to integrate this with session sharing, this is already supported by the session sharing plugin.

    All you have to do is change the behaviour in the session-sharing settings to revalidate, instead of trust.

  • @julian no I m not using session sharing because I need to use client specific endpoints, so if you can tell me which hook is best for check token authorization, it will be helpful

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