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  • Hello!

    I'm use Discourse and love it, but It has many restrictions for the administrator, for example, guests cannot leave messages, the administrator cannot permanently delete a message or topic, it is mandatory to configure the mail server, and if there are many users, it is quite expensive to send to everyone, it also consumes a lot of resources and you need at least 2GB of memory for stable operation, there is no complete documentation for installing without Docker, outdated system of notifications about new topics in the form of a banner that you need to click on, a system of trust levels that is not always clear, it is more customary to set up user groups with rights than to spend all day setting up access levels, not works without javascript (I'm not paranoid, but this is considered a plus, at least maintaining the appearance of the forum and the ability to log in/register).

    Probably I can list a lot more from the minuses, but there is also a plus, this is a good structure for SEO.

    NodeBB have a settings for optimisation SEO and plugin for rating topic with schema?

  • I mean.. on their homepage big companies which are in the SEO niche like Moz use it.. so I presume yeah? You can always use more SEO plugins or commission your own 😊

  • I've heard that NodeBB is a good alternative, with some sweet features for optimizing your SEO.

  • ☝ Waiting for this post to be eventually edited to show link to some spam 😏

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