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  • Hi,

    i am working on a website to share and develop ideas together. My plan is, that users who share their idea get financal participation if the idea is sucessfull. The forum gets a percentage of the payment that goes to the ideagiver.

    For that, in my imagination (not a developer (yet)) I need some kind of splitted payment plugin. I saw that there is a plugin where users can subscribe to certain categories and pay for that (via paypal or stripe). Though i want that users pay each other and the platform gets some percent of that. Here are my questions:

    • Is it smarter to use the paypal or stripe plugin and adjust that or is it better to write the whole thing from the ground up (i saw that there is a option for stripe to do what i describe see link)?
    • furthermore is it feasable for a beginner like me to develope something like this? I guess I can get help from others but the main work would be on me I guess. (Since payments are such a sensitive area, I would want that code to be without bugs or possible exploits)
    • lastly: how long would it take one of the nodebb programmers to do that? I also have no clue what it would cost.

    If there is something standing in the way of doing the payments as I plan them let me know 😄

  • Hi @topper, it does sound quite complicated (and whenever payments get involved, it's more complicated still).

    I am not certain whether Stripe supports such a model, but I would imagine if you used the developer API you could make this work. I personally prefer Stripe only because PayPal is quite bloated and I have never used their API. We use Stripe at NodeBB (for our SaaS platform), so we have some experience with it.

    If you develop this on your own, we're available to help on this forum. I think it'd only go as far as any problems you have related to NodeBB, since Stripe is a whole other story 🙂

    If you're interested in learning how long it'd take one of us to do it, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 😄

  • @julian thank you for your answer. I agree that stripe is probably better siuted for this, the only thing is, that here in germany the usage of paypal is much bigger than credit cards, which is the primary payment method for stripe i think.

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