Unsolved How to migrate from test to productive and how to downgrade?

  • I have set up a local instance for testing before I had access to the server and set up a lot of things there - now before going productive I am facing some questions:

    What's the best way to migrate from the test environment to the productive server? What I've done so far is:

    • setting up nodebb and mongo on the new server
    • mongodump the test environment and zip the nodebb folder in the test environment
    • installing all the plugins on the new server

    What's next? Would it be a good idea to simply restore the db and dump the saved nodebb folder on the new server or is this having critical effects/not working at all?

    Moreover, I just noticed that the version on the new server is newer (v2.5.7 vs v2.5.2) than in the test environment. So I don't want to upgrade now my test environment so that worst case I can just use it to recreate the new setup. Therefore I thought about downgrading the new installation - but how? Simply download the previous version and then run the upgrade command again? Or is this minor changes not even noticable and I can try to ignore it?

    So many questions but there is not so much documentation available - at least those I find and understand as a non dev guy. Thx for your help!

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