New "messenger style" conversation view

  • I decided to implement a "Messenger Style" conversation view on Sudonix, as I felt that the experience could look better when viewed on wider monitors. The below is what I eventually came up with

    The discussion thread is here

    On mobile, the view will gracefully fall back to the default.

    This idea came from @crazycells initially, but I'm advertising it here for everyone else to see (and hopefully enjoy) - let me know if you have any use for it, and I'll write up the process. It does not modify any files in core and is solely based on css plus some carefully crafted jQuery to add classes where they are missing. It will also work on the 3.x branch when released (at least, it does in my DEV environment with v3.0.0-alpha.1 but will require minor changes to work with Bootstrap 5)

  • @phenomlab

    hmm... it is interesting that the video is not being played on Firefox here on this forum as well...

    Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 12.59.03.png

    but I checked it on Google Chrome, it worked there...

  • @crazycells yes, I think Firefox needs an add in for this to work, or the security settings actively prohibit display.

  • @phenomlab said in New "messenger style" conversation view:

    This idea came from @crazycells initially

    actually, my "contribution" is quite minimal 😄 the conversational flow was already your idea, and you had that implemented with indentation, I just pointed out other chat apps do this by putting the avatar on the other side.

    Actually, I loved your idea and how it looks, and we have a use case for this for a specific sub-category, but unfortunately, it is not easy to use different themes at the same time on a forum.

    We had previously encountered the same dilemma with timuu's theme... They made a pretty interesting and visually aesthetic theme, but unfortunately, their website is defunct now. I hope this theme does not get lost...

    here is the source code:

    here is discussimdb, one website that uses timuu's theme right now.

  • @phenomlab said in New "messenger style" conversation view:

    @crazycells yes, I think Firefox needs an add in for this to work, or the security settings actively prohibit display.

    yes, possible. By the way, I can see the videos you posted the other day on sudonix right now on Google Chrome 😄

    When are you planning to publish CSS codes and other changes? Looking forward to try this new theme...

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