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    v3 Migration Guide

    In advance of the release of version 3, we are releasing this guide in order to give third-party developers a chance to bring their plugins and themes up-to-date. In the successive sections below, we will outline the breaking change or new best-practice, and the steps to migrate, along with a live example.

    While the update to version 2 was primarily limited to the server-side, there are a significant number of client-side breaking changes (most notably the switch from LESS to SCSS.)

    Looking for the v2 migration guide? Click here.

    Click here to see the full blog post

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    For the record, while there has not been any pre-releases for v3, we are planning to release an alpha version for initial testing in early October.

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    The guide has been updated to contain some additional templates moved from Persona to core, and the moving of bottom-sheet stylesheet to core.

  • Is there a target release date for v3?
    I’ve been updating my child theme for v3 alpha, and are quite looking forward to the upgrade.

    Great work 😊

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    The guide has been updated again to include two template removals, and three additional breaking changes (appended to the bottom of the article).

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    @sweetp said in Migration Guide for v3:

    Is there a target release date for v3?
    I’ve been updating my child theme for v3 alpha, and are quite looking forward to the upgrade.

    Great work 😊

    Thanks for asking, and great question! We definitely need theme developers to attempt upgrading their themes for compatibility, in order to catch some edge cases that may trip up future developers.

    As for the tentative release date, we have not earmarked one yet, as things are still in flux.

    We have released the alpha last week, and will continue with successive alphas, then to a beta, then to a release candidate.

    On our end, being on alpha means we'll start upgrading our own instances (so, this one, basically) to v3.

    Beta means we're confident that enough bugs have been caught, and enough plugins have been migrated, that most admins can upgrade without major difficulty.

    When we launch the RC, the full release is imminent, and we'll likely be able to give a launch date.

    Where the new theme fits in here, I cannot say yet 😬

    p.s. @sweetp, I added you to the 3rd party developers user group πŸ˜„

  • I only want my custom styles to apply to the forum, but not the admin panel.
    is there a way to disable my custom scss from being imported into the admin panel?

  • I ended up adding an ID to the html element in my custom header.tpl, then in my css nest all my css under the custom html.id

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    The migration guide has been updated to account for the removal of the MDL vendor CSS in the ACP

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    Updated the guide to document the removal of middleware.renderHeader and middleware.renderAdminHeader, two internally-used methods that are now no longer exported.

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