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    The Googles has many suggestions for npm install no output

    What is your OS and version of node and npm? npm --version && node --version

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    Hi @Netto-Hikari, thanks for your feedback about our upgrade process 😄 We definitely try to make the upgrade process fluid and straightforward, but if files have been changed, then yes, there will be problems as git will not know how to handle changed files.


    When it comes to upgrades, I just simply follow the docs and it always says that I have to commit the changes before.

    Did you mean Step 3? As far as I know, the only thing we ask admins to do before upgrading is back up their data. If you have never changed any of the core files, git should never complain.

    If this ever happens, and you are absolutely sure you didn't change anything, then you are advised to run the following:

    $ git fetch # to grab the latest code (but not apply it) $ git reset --hard origin/v0.5.x # force your local files to match the NodeBB repository *EXACTLY* $ ./nodebb upgrade # then proceed with upgrade as usual

    ^ Hooray, more unsolicited advice from strangers on the internet 😄

    After running those commands, future attempts to git pull should not have git complain.

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    I haven't tested but I'm pretty sure, given the experiences of others here, that the actual cause of my NodeBB breakage was dbsearch 0.0.16, so while it's awkward to be told there are all of these upgrades available, I don't think the problem was nbbpm, just a bad plugin.

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    @Scuzz I'm kinda busy in these days 😞 and lazy too 😛
    Trying to learn how to push data to widget next weekend 😉
    Maybe we can be partners 😆