The loading progress bar up there ^^^^ to change?

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  • On the community site, it used to have a purple loading bar up top, that stayed after the page was done loading.

    Now on the community site, it has a white loading bar up top, that goes away after loading.

    What do I change if I want one of these two options in a different color? In custom CSS I've changed this thing, but it only changes the static bar up top, not the loading bar.

    .navbar-static-top, .navbar-fixed-top {
        border-top: 2px solid #7A62D3;
  • Im not sure about making the load bar desaper but in my site i have this and it works

    .navbar-static-top, .navbar-fixed-top {
       border-top: 2px solid #FF0000;

    EDIT: its the same as yours but my bar shows the color when i load, try to shift + F5 maybe its in cache.

  • For the top loading bar, looks like:

    .loading-bar {
        background: #fff;
  • .navbar-static-top, .navbar-fixed-top {

    Is the older one, about a week ago it was changed to what @julian mentioned, so really depends on your version of Lavender (was updated at 0.0.39)

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