Running an api in the background of the loaded page

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  • I'm trying to execute an api on a button click,
    For example, the following command:

    const api = await app.require('api');
        await api.put(`/groups/test/membership/1550`);

    Hi, you are executing an api command through a browser, I am looking for a way to embed this script in Nodbibi, and that it will be activated immediately when the page is loaded, (can also be done when a button is pressed).
    But no option works, I tried onload, and it doesn't work. I tried with btn - to be activated with id. doesn't work either.
    On the other hand, the script works by itself when you run it in the console.
    Need urgent help, thanks!

  • const api = await app.require('api');

    You can only use this from within browser dev console (and some limited other places).

    Instead you should use

    require(['api'], (api) => {
        api.put(`/groups/test/membership/1550`).then(() => { ... });

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