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  • I am now getting user feedback from about 6 test users. Not sure how to handle it in terms of bug reporting, because some of these may be features :), but I will just dump here and let you guys tell me:

    On just one of our machines - Win7, NodeBB communication (login, posting) just failed on all 3 browsers (Chrome, FF, IE). Other similar side-by-side systems worked fine on the same network. I suspect that there is something blocking websockets on that pc. Is there a way to troubleshoot that on a WinPC?

    Users have noticed that sometimes they are sure they are posting a new topic to a certain category, but that topic goes in to a different topic (perhaps the one they were last in?). One clue is that perhaps having similar titles of topics might have a bearing on why a post may switch over to another Category - the times this happened there may have been an exact match on the topic.

    Right after registering, users reported they could not edit or delete their own posts. One user saw that logging out and in would clear this up, and that did seem to help. It was as if the more the user worked in NodeBB the smoother the functionality. But first impressions...

    When users load their own image/avatars from local resources, they stay in the system while they are logged in - but the next day those images are gone/broken.

    One user put in his email address and was surprised to see an unexpected old picture of himself, that he had no idea where it came from. He did not think it was from his known social network ids. This bothered him. Maybe a clear understanding of where NodeBB can extract pictures based on email would be helpful.

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    @yariplus said in requesting user reputation:


    Here's the custom-pages render function as an example.

    You can modify it to add getUserUsers to the render vaiables, using the req.uid

    var User = module.parent.require('./user'); function renderCustomPage(req, res) { var path = req.path.replace(/\/(api\/)?/, '').replace(/\/$/, ''); User.getUserFields(req.uid, ['username', 'topiccount', 'reputation'], function (err, user) { if (err || !user) user = null; res.render(path, { title: plugin.pagesHash[path].name, user: user }); }); }

    Now on all the custom pages templates, the variable {user.reputation} will be available. (and undefined for guests)

    works perfect
    @yariplus 4 president

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    Anyone knows if theres the possibility of registering an user link in the dropdown, that will be public only? Like the case for example of the "chat link", but registered vía filter:user.profileLinks hook.

    Since in that hook theres no user info, i cannot check if the user visualizing the page is the users itself that is visualizing his/her profile or if the user its logged in, to restrict the link registration.

    I want to implement the functionality of "ignore users" showing a link that can be used to ignore, unignore from the user profile. But it has no sense to show the link "ignore/unignore user" if it is the user itself or the user visiting the profile is not logged in.

    I know it can be easilly achived by adding one more attribute to the link object and modifying the menu.tpl with minor changes to reflect this behaviour (checking the new field), and without altering the existing behaviour of the theme. If the answer to the previous question is "no", what is needed to get a pull request including this behaviour accepted? Modification in all stable themes? (persona,lavender,vanilla?).
    Or would it be more suitable a request of a new action hook for action:user:viewProfile for example? To be able to make business logic checks with the data, and altering the content sent to the page for example?

    PS: Is there any way of contributing to document the list of hooks with a short explanation of each one? For example when they're fired and wich information do they send? I think it would be a good improvement for the documentation in order to make it easy to the plugin dev to without the need to dive into the core and check each hook one by one looking for one satisfying their needs. I wouldn't mind to throw 2/3 lines explaining the hooks I found useful that i'm seeing on my little plugin experiments from a noob perspective. Ping @administrators

    Thanks again and sorry for modifying the thread question.

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    @livey0u It is just a requirejs module so just require it.

    require(['components'], function (components) { components.get('user/logout').off('click').on('click', function() { // your custom behaviour here }); });
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    Those userrs are stored in groups with special names, here are the names assuming the category id is 1.


    You can get the user ids from these groups by.

    Groups.getMembers('cid:1:privileges:find', 0, -1, callback); This will give you all the user ids that have the find permission for category 1.

    If you want to get their basic info like username picture slug so you can show user icons you can just use Groups.getMemberUsers('cid:1:privileges:find', 0, -1, calllback);

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    Ah okay, cool.

    edit: rofl @ topic content

    Haha >.<