Custom email digest schedule?

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  • Hey All. I set up a self-hosted nodebb, and so far it's pretty great! However, user no. 1 immediately asked if there are mobile notifications.

    Now, to be honest I don't necessarily want people to be spammed with notifications from the forum. So the daily digest feature is very nice.

    However, I was wondering if there was a way to set up a custom digest notification schedule. Here's what I'd like to see (and please let me know if this exists already):

    I would like to set email digests up at 10:00, 14:00, and 17:00 every day. IF there is any message that pertains to me, I will get a digest. Otherwise, nothing.

    Does such a feature exist? I was unable to find anything related in the settings or docs, and apologies in advance if I've missed it.

  • @prodigal_halogen Hmm, not quite. We have the ability to send digests at frequencies of daily, weekly, or monthly, but not anything other than that (I know someone before wanted digests every other week or some such).

    I think this could be done via a custom plugin, though. The method for executing the digest send action can be called by a plugin.

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    You could definitely include them in the same repo. In your local, put the renamed repos in your nodebb/node_modules folder. (make sure you change the name in their package.json and plugin.json too) Then put an exclusion in your .gitignore for that directory, example !node_modules/nodebb-theme-my-persona then git add node_modules/nodebb-theme-my-persona and when you push your changes, it should include the plugin.

    What you set in the ACP is saved in the database, so it should persist. For user uploads, you should be using an external service like imgur, or the uploads may not persist between pushes.

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    I know that you can edit the time of the cronJob in \src\user\jobs.js, but I'm not sure if you can do a forced digest.

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    The switch is not working for me.

    I am just using the standard NodeBB forum features, no crazy plugins that are meant to affect the notifications. The switch does not work, and digests are going out...

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    @muonx basically your moderators can delete or edit posts.

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    I just did an install of NodeBB 0.8.2 and it installed nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill 0.3.1 with it which is only compatible with NodeBB 0.9.^. In addition to the declared version problem I was also getting a related error on NodeBB startup until I removed the mandrill plugin.

    I worked around this problem by removing mandrill and then installing it like this:

    npm install [email protected]

    I poked around to see how nodebb installs nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill and it appears that this plugin is installed in a special way? It is not mentioned in the package.json requirements for nodebb.