How to trigger an action after a post is made

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  • I would like to trigger a specific action after a user submits a post. How would you recommend I do this?

    I found an old post that references "fireHook", how could I use that to my advantage?

    plugins.fireHook('action:post.purge', pid, function () { // all plugins are done });

    In my case I don't want to purge a post but rather do something else.

    Where would I even put the code chunk?


  • @rod

    You can create a plugin that waits on the hook "" and fires a method that executes the custom action you define

        { "hook": "", "method": "customAction"  },

    Details on creating a plugin are available at Creating Plugins

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    Hi! @PitaJ thank you for the quick reply.
    I understand that an absolute URL have the protocol, but most of the normal users, at least in our forums, don't know what that is, some use it just because the copied from the browser, but sometimes a user doesn't add it, and having that links as relative URL returns a 404, causing a bad experience.
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    @baris dude ! thank you very much, it work

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    @psychobunny I guess it was happening because I changed the HTML structure, and Persona theme CSS uses > selectors, making the styles dependant on the HTML structure. Fixed now anyway thanks 🙂