Configuring nodebb-plugin-fusionauth-oidc settings at runtime

General Discussion
  • We are using nodebb-plugin-fusionauth-oidc to authenticate users through Keycloak OIDC server and it's working perfectly. But we now have users in different realms in Keycloak and thus the authorization endpoints and client secret would be different based on the selected realm. Is it possible to modify the OIDC configuration at runtime based on some query parameters in the URL?

  • @Neeru-Gupta this is something you'd have to take up with the FusionAuth people directly as they maintain the plugin 🙂

  • @Neeru-Gupta We tried using the same plugin,nodebb-plugin-fusionauth-oidc for authenticating through the keycloak provider but While rebuilding & restarting after installing our Nodebb app breaks. We are unable to proceed further. We have to again clone the whole code to get started with.
    Could you please share with me the steps on how you have done & configured it?
    We are using another plugin now as nodebb-plugin-sso-oidc which we are able to install & configure. But we are getting SSL protocol error while trying to login

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