I want to use NodeBB user sessions on another site

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  • Another site is custom made, hosted on the same host but different subdomain. Are there any plugins that could help me using user sessions from NodeBB on another site?

  • Looking for solutions for this problem I tried nodebb-plugin-session-sharing plugin, which is supposed to generate JWT token if I understand correctly, I didn't manage yet to generate it although I think I correctly configured it.

    Anyways, what I see in the cookie storage is cookie named express.sid which itself seems that it's not JWT cookie, but of some other kind, what I would want to know is it possible to decode that cookie on different subdoman of the same site, what I have is forum.domain.com (where NodeBB is installed) and app.domain.com which is running Node.js application.

    I need a simplest solution I can get, I don't want to mess with SSO systems like FusionAuth of Keycloak, I want to use NodeBB's user registration system.

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