subfolder /forum is doubled in some ACP URL

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    Can you share a lot more detail? Request and response body and headers, endpoints, etc. If you can, share code.

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    As you can see in this screenshot the url is missing some characters in the title. How to fix this for sinhala(Sri Lankan) language?

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    When you're trying to search something and the word is in a link, nodeBB provides de wrong URL link.

    Example while searching for "Redactor":
    The search displays:

    <a href="<strong>redactor</strong>-editor"><strong>redactor</strong>-editor<;/a>

    Note that there's a <strong> in the href.

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    @baris this is happening quite a bit I've noticed now not just how I've dscribed ? Topic badges ?
    Is there a situation when there are too many & 's or html codes that will cause it to break ?

    Just did a --reset all

    Allowed plugin one by one. All plugins enabled and everything is working again 100% hmm

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    @julian thanks for the hint- yes i resize it show up. but i still notice some issue - after i click one category from the category picker window, the chose category didn't show in the parent category field. after i refresh the page, it then show up. but not a big issue.

    i have a suggestion --- instead of using a popup menu window for a list of all categories, maybe just use a auto-complete text box to allow user to type in the category name.... this will be much simple when we have many categories (i.e more than 30....).