How to disable citare button

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  • How to disable local login at setup?

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    @julian I assumed that since this was a managed container environment where containers are ephemeral and can be moved around, I would need to run ./nodebb setup every time. Is my assumption wrong? Can I just run setup once to populate the database and then just run ./nodebb build the other times?

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    Does it seem unnecessary? 🤔
    Maybe this ability exists in ACP in a place I don't know..?

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    When i go in the menu the facebook button stopps working but if i reload the page at /hem it works at first reload.

    Why? Do i need todo somthing special with like buttons?

  • Disabling skins

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    @Fastidious said:

    Of course I saw it. My finger got tired of clicking on it, while observing no results at all.

    Oh? Feel free to reply to the issue I closed, my bad. From the original report I assumed you didn't notice the button as opposed to that button not actually working.

    EDIT: Minor victory for me, because our team thought I sucked at UX because you didn't see the button. I just suck at coding then 😛 Please post git hash and stuff on the issue thread, will try and reproduce myself. FWIW, it does work for me on latest.

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    If you're on latest core, you also need to install and activate the nodebb-plugin-composer-default plugin for topic posting to work