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    Ever since the very first commits to the NodeBB codebase, we’ve made it a point of pride to implement features and functionality that “no other forum has”. We wanted to set ourselves apart from other community software offerings by natively supporting new UX paradigms (e.g. single page app, markdown editor, or infinite scrolling), or supporting the latest technologies (e.g. external SSO login, RESTful API) endemic1 to popular web applications.

    Today, I am happy to announce that NodeBB officially supports Multi-factor authentication via hardware keys. This functionality was recently added to v3.0 of the Two-Factor Authentication plugin for NodeBB. The plugin already supported a second factor via a time-based one-time password (TOTP), and further support for hardware keys allows users to increase security even more so.

    Support for hardware keys via the WebAuthn protocol was sponsored by @yLothar and the mechanical keyboarding community at Thank you!

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    Thanks Julian for your wonderful work, it has been a pleasure for me to give my - very small - help in supporting what I believe is the safest form of authentication available on the web today.
    Two-Factor Authentication plugin new version is already updated on and it works like a charm 🙂

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