Best Practices on Stopping Spam & Need Advice on Spam Be Gone Options

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  • We're experiencing spam accounts relatively regularly and I'm looking for advice on reducing the workload.

    I searched this forum for the word "spam" but most of the posts are from a long time ago. So hopefully it is useful to all to open this discussion again.

    First, we have enabled the "Post Queue" feature so that our moderator must review the posts of new users. This allows us to catch the spam accounts and posts, but when these spam attacks come (usually in waves) it eats up a fair amount of the moderator's time – time when he should be helping our users.

    The Spam-Be-Gone plugin is installed, but not all options are active. Here is the status of each of the features:

    • Askimet: Off (paid option only)
    • Project Honeypot: On
    Google Re-Captcha: On
    • Stop Forum Spam: Off (free)
    • hCaptcha: Off (free and paid options)

    Of those that are enabled, Re-Captcha doesn't seem to be doing much to stop registrations. Maybe they are being done manually, or the AI behind these bots is simply too good for that to work?

    Of the three options we don't use (Askimet, Stop Forum Spam and hCaptcha), I'd really like to hear about the experience of others regarding their effectiveness

    Given that Stop Forum Spam is free, I guess we should enable that one. Do others here agree?

    Several online reviews speak highly of Askimet, and I'm very much willing to pay for this if it really does the job.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and wisdom on this topic.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark-coniglio I like Stop Forum Spam. Free is not always good, but in this case it is. Nothing will be a magic bullet. Layered onions, etc. Google is evil so I naturally prefer hCaptcha.

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