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    Mobile view for profile page is not optimised for mobile users. Very well designed stuff. But this small but very very huge thing is left by your designers.

    Secondly i was not able to install it on Google Cloud.

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    The GA plugin should work fine (at least, I haven't really received reports that it isn't working). Make sure you run ./nodebb build after activating it, so the client-side payload is added.

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    @julian Ah, my bad. I remember this thread from ten months ago (cuz I was wondering then why, why? NodeBB is so easy to deploy. It is what comes after that takes work.). Appreciate the correction. Evidently I was in error w.r.t. the blocker. Mea culpa!

    I was a bit self conscious when I wrote it and since the ball's in yer' court comments about potential one clickery alternatives are no longer relevant nor helpful so it's history.

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    Thanks a lot! 🙂

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    The backstory behind this:

    A couple of years ago @baris and I were working on a rather infuriating piece of software when one of the other devs posted this in Skype and called it the *productname*MAN

    "this is what happens if you work on this product for so long"

    I seriously have never laughed so hard in my entire life, it just went on and on and on for a good hour or so and I'm totally not exaggerating 😄