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  • Hey everyone I hope you'll are doing well and great. I need some suggestions that I've got a website on WordPress and I want to change the platform. Should I make a website from scratch on the node or can I transfer the data from WordPress to node? Please suggest me and your suggestions would be warmly welcome.

  • @ferdinand22 Hi - welcome to NodeBB. Interestingly, I've just completed this exact same exercise - although it was a transfer of all WordPress information to Flarum. There are a number of tools you can leverage to complete this - most of it is workable using NodeJS to convert existing posts from WordPress format into Markdown (md), but this will not copy across comments etc in an automated fashion - you'd need to manually attach those, and that is a LOT of work.

    If you don't have any comments then all the better... 🙂

    There is no native way I'm aware of to convert WordPress content into NodeBB, and depending on how many posts you have, this could take a considerable amount of time to complete. My preferred approach would be to export the WordPress content, then use the NodeBB API to insert the posts programmatically. However, this in itself is a lot of work, and is going to be restricted in terms of categories and tags. It's likely I am going to write up the process I used on my own site ( soon, so keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to ask questions.

  • Well, well. Well, well. Well... We're comparing transiting from a blog/cms to forum software here. Not apple to oranges. Hence there will necessarily be extra hoop jumping. But, like any/everything, it can be done. Depends on dedication, money and time.

    Be all that as it may, you certainly could do worse than @phenomlab for advice.

    Welcome and have a groovy day, eh? 🐕 🌴 🌴 🌴

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