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    There is another thing is that I am not sure if nodebb-meilisearch will reindex it automatically

    I confirmed it was done automatically. Right now nodebb-meilisearch looks 100% perfect on my site! Excellent!

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    iframely plugin doesn't work...

    i installed the plugin, what i have to do after the installation? (i'm sorry about the english, cause i'm from israel... )


    NodeBB Community (community.nodebb.org)

    It was discussed here a few days ago.

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    I dont know how is this auth process works with jwt.
    I have nodebb in forum.example.com and nodejs app in example.com. And reverse proxy with nginx. I have few question:

    -When user logins or signs up which route we should POST method to?
    -Do I need to install npm install jsonwebtoken?
    -Is this JWT Secret key obtained from jwt.io website?
    -How can I save a cookie to user browser?
    -When I achieve all this and users logins with nodebb credentials how can i access to current logged in user info?
    -Do I need to include the user's passwords to Json web token?
    -Do I need to set secret in nodebb admin panel?

    Edit:So I did some googling and what I understand I need to post the user info to some expressjs route on my app and generate the Json web token in backend and use some cookie plugin for nodejs. But my last two question is remain unclear for me.

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    I would like to add an icon that can decode from latin to Cyrillic.
    Who can help ?

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    @phenomlab, @baris I am also wondering if the plugin is compatible with v3?

    I am new here, and so am not quite sure what I am doing yet. That said, I tried to install this plugin using the Ubuntu ./nodebb command:

    ./nodebb install nodebb-plugin-rss

    It gave an error and advised against installing the plugin with NodeBB v3.1.4. A plugin for dummy data seems like it would be really helpful. Lots are doing it with ChatGPT now.

    ...Thanks for the wonderful piece of software. 🙂