How to solve the invalid login after closing cloudflare

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  • I deployed nodebb in a docker container, and a strange problem occurred after the deployment was completed. When I turned on the cloudflare proxy, I could log in and register normally, but after I turned off the cloudflare proxy, I couldn’t log in. Although the login was successful, But the actual situation is still a tourist. How should this problem be solved? thanks

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    @phenomlab It seems that I may have it fixed.

    As I could log in using the old domain, I took out the Session cookie domain setting in the admin section. Then log in using the new domain started to work. Actually, both domains work now.

    Earlier I changed that value from the old domain name to the new domain. But that didn't work. Then I saw a tip under the setting box that reads "Leave blank for default". So I made it blank. I assume that the default is the host name in the HTTP request?

    I want to think you for your writing. That lead me to the right direction.

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    @kurulumu-net Odd. I'm not able to reproduce this. Have you tried disabling plugins to see if any of those are the culprit ?

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    Well, either way, your login form needs a csrf token added to it. You can do it via hidden input.

    Retrieve it via js like so

    require(['csrf'], function(csrf) { var token = csrf.get(); });
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    It seems that some users had to clear cookies (and maybe html5 localstorage) to get pass the Forbidden error, even after it was fixed for me. When I was having the problem initially, clearing cookies didn't seem to help, but at least one form of the error is due to having outdated cookies. This may have been caused by changing the secret key in config.json.

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    Just to put this issue to bed. I trashed the old forum. Installed new. New git clone... new database. Problem solved.