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    @pitaj Yes it does sound like the same issue, I did notice that even after I deleted all the users, if I tried to register a new user with a new email that I know was not present previously the new user ID is sequential so that tells me that even though I deleted all the users, there is still some data existing somewhere in the database that was preventing registrations using any previously known email.

    As I said, I just gave up and deleted the database and started fresh, took me much longer to reconfigure everything, but was the only option I had since I couldn't get any user registrations to work.

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    Check out the event lot page in the ACP (under advanced). The user's deletion event should have been logged, and the IP address should have been saved.

    ... as long as your NodeBB is new enough, that is 🙂

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    This is an old topic, but this comes up first on search results. It is possible to some degree with this plugin now:

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    I'm don't know, i've only worked with 0.7 version. Are you sure there is such option in 0.6? If so, maybe this is template error

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    @andreapernici said:

    I agree that the /category/ slug is not useful at all. Not useful from a Usability perspective and not useful from a SEO perspective.


    But why not putting a URL value in the database for the categories to get rid of the id and the /category/ slug?

    I agree, and to add to this: the /category/ and /topic/ slugs look a little bit weird on non-English installs of NodeBB. It would be nice if we can drop these for translation consistency.

    I don't mind the number in the url; that is also helpful if two topics share the same name.

    (Just wondering, is there an update for this request? 🙂 ).