What should persist for docker installs?

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  • For reference, I am using https://www.github.com/rez0n/docker-nodebb.

    Currently I have the following persisted to disk:

    • /data (which appears to just contain config.json, package.json and uploads/)
    • the database data

    I'm thinking also:

    • app/public
    • app/logs
    • app/node_modules (for plugins etc)

    Or maybe none of that is needed, I was just thinking if I had to do a full redeploy from a backup I might have to reinstall plugins and be missing user data like uploads or something.

    Just looking for any extra pointers, thanks.

  • ./public/uploads/ should be persist, it's used for the uploaded files.

    By the way, how do you handle the persist problem in docker?

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