how can I check if a user is querying this through API and with a valid bearer token?

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  • Home page definition field

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    How can I get all the defined fields on this homepage and find out what I want


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    Not sure if this is still relevant to you, but I followed your code and was getting the same results. The code wasn't firing despite having a console log in the theme.js file.

    Then I decided to click on the 'Clone widgets from...' and selected 'Categories'. After that all of the .tpl names showed up in the drop down. After that any changes to the theme.js file are firing as should.

    Make sure you build and restart. I am using the included GRUNT to make development faster. Cheers!

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    I am vision impaired and use a screen reader so maybe it is just an accessibility issue.

    I have just signed up for the hosted demo and looking into different solutions for a forum such as NodeBB, Muut, Vbulletin etc.

    I am trying to install a new plugin and get to the page where you can search for plugins under the admin menu.

    There is no labelled search button so I type in a search phrase such as "question answer" without the quotes as I want to check out the question and answer plugin. I then hit enter to presumably submit the search request.

    The page refreshes but no plugins are shown.

    Am I doing the search process incorrectly or is adding plugins banned in the demo perhaps,


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    Thanks a lot. This should save me loads of time! 🙂

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    @baris said:

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can modify core and change PostTools.parse

    me -> 😨

    I was thinking to extract the topic id from data.url and pass it back to the plugin backend to store, and then limit my plugin to one instance per topic for now. But I think that would be even worst, and when 0.6.0 arrives I would have to fix it anyways.

    I am a bit scared to touch the core stuff, but I may give your suggestion a try since it is less hacky, and better long term solution.