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  • First of all I thank you in advance for reading this. I know it is good etiquette to try and find myself all the answers to my own questions, but it happens that they are fragmented in many threads or absent.

    I'm grateful if you can link to a page as a reply to the topics if it has straight direct answers.

    Let me then try my best to organize the questions in topics:

    Customization - can I customize/make

    1. the message box? Personally a free floating thread of messages doesn't seem appealing to me so I'd like to "boxify" it.
    2. "functionality-links" and information around the messages? Say I want gamification, so I want to display how much coins the user has and other stuff.
    3. dedicated sections of the forum for "wiki"?
    4. the message text length arbitrarily large?
    5. avatar diameter?
    6. avatar generation? (say I want smth like github's scheme instead of a large colored letter)
    7. inclusion of floating sidebar menu? (both desktop and mobile)

    (I'm asking if these things are part of the customizable application, not if I can go into the code and make them)

    Do I get out-of-the-box support for

    1. night mode?
    2. mobile?
    3. coin features?
    4. payment channel like paypal? (is this even possible?)
    5. stratified moderator power? like not only different sets of things each mod can do, but in which section of the forum they can do it;
    6. Latex rendering?
    7. 2FA?
    8. SMS?
    9. Captchas?

    Miscellaneous - aka silly questions

    1. is it possible to integrate crypto wallet and a bot doing server-side token transfers? I mean, if there is some plugging or anything already done in this regard;
    2. can I commercially use the software and the databases, i.e. the forum, if I don't modify the source code? and if I do, I would just need to share the change with the devs?
    3. is it possible to create a marketplace section?
    4. is it easy to insert an oracle, like a menu bar that displays external information? (price of eggs and milk and dollar, whatever)

    Paid plans - when I pay, do I get

    1. team support for tailoring the themes and things like that?
    2. whatever support is given to me, is it ok if I pay for a month just to bootstrap it?
    3. if 2==yes, I assume I can go on again in a paid month to get more support, like if there is a need to move things from one hosting server to another one, etc?
    4. finally, to what stuff mentioned above do I get dev support to implement them?
  • @leibniz A lot of these will require custom development, as it does not come out of the box.

    For example, all of the items under "Customization" are possible, but require a custom theme to accomplish (easiest, although you could also just do it with custom CSS)

    Things like night mode, coin features, subscriptions, are all custom integrations that require developer time.

    Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for a full quote.

  • @julian Hello, thank you for your reply.

    I'll reach out, but just a question: out of those which ones are included in the vanilla/basic version? (aka out-of-the-box)

  • @leibniz sure:

    • Avatar generation (can do via gravatar plugin)
    • Captcha (spam-be-gone)
    • 2FA (via 2fa plugin)

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