No way to flag a post via API?

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    It should cache for an hour, I think (based on a quick look at nodebb package manager code). So yes - you have to wait a bit before the nbbpm refreshes. You can just install the updated version manually by using npm install <package name> from the command line in NodeBB folder.

  • How can I edit {post.content}

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    @pitaj Many thanks.

    I'm waiting for a day I can edit this option.

    Because I see that current view can make user confuse

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    @julian Whaaaaaat??? 😢

    I will try to submit a PR. It's probably better to do a breaking change before v1.0.0

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    What is the status of this API? I am interested in writing a mobile app for this using the Ionic Framework.

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    To get back on this, I have currently solved it in the following way:

    module.exports = { "Meta": module.parent.parent.require('./meta'), "User": module.parent.parent.require('./user'), "Plugins": module.parent.parent.require('./plugins'), "SocketIndex": module.parent.parent.require('./'), "ModulesSockets": module.parent.parent.require('./'), "db": module.parent.parent.require('./database') }


    var NodeBB = require('./lib/nodebb');


    var NodeBB = module.require('./nodebb'), db = NodeBB.db, User = NodeBB.User, Plugins = NodeBB.Plugins;

    ##Why this works
    I read somewhere that require caches the files you load. That means that if require my nodebb.js from library.js, I can later load nodebb.js from any submodule I want and it will work.