Create custom static page using NodeBB Kitchen Sink in admin panel

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    forum admin can create/update or delete static page in his admin panel.

    At present, there is this option and this requires access to repo.

    Yes, you can create custom routes but in this case, you should have access to the codebase and this is not available in your premium products.

    Maybe you can limit it to max 3 static pages or so...

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    The kitchen sink is meant to be sample code for plugin developers 🙂 The ability to create your own custom static page from the ACP is on its way soon (0.5x, with the new ACP refactor) and is currently blocked by this issue - gh#1481.

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    @psychobunny 👍 do you have already a date when 0.5.x is going to be out ?

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    The due date for 0.5x is mid June-ish, although we have a ton of cool things in the works aside from this so it might be pushed a week or so beyond that. Can give you a better estimate once we start rolling stuff out, @baris already has the initial version out for the tag system for example 🙂

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