YACIQ (Yet Another cPanel Install Question) cpanel with nodejs? is it possible?

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    Fixed 🙂

    I should have remembered that this database is from PROD, therefore, the cookie domain would need to be deleted. Issuing db.objects.update({_key: "config"}, {$set: {cookieDomain: ""}}); in the target DB under MongoDB, then restarting nodebb resolved the issue.

    Able to login 🙂

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    Hey there,

    I believe bans can only be levied by Admins and Global Mods, this is intention as mods should only ever have power over the categories they moderate.

    Flagging users can be done from the user's profile, under the dropdown:


    (Don't worry, I didn't flag you 😄 )

    Assignees should also list all users with the Moderate privilege. If it doesn't show them, then it is possibly a bug...

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    @rod haha, appreciate your help and comments.

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    @jasperkade looks like the guide you are using does not have proper information.

    If you follow that guide you will end up installing the master branch (development version, more likely to have bugs) of NodeBB and not the stable release.

    The default database used to be redis (still redis on the latest stable release). Its changed to mongo on the master branch.

    It's always recommended to follow NodeBB docs as others might be outdated.

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    @julian Yes the taskbar Icon