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    @datcangio I believe image size settings are only applied to images uploaded locally to your instance.

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    Thanks, I'll try to communicate with the plugins' developers

  • Twitter Tweet As Post

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    @a_5mith Sorry for the delay.

    Details of the useful plugin:

    Pull in Tweets and Replies as Comments

    When publishing to Facebook and Twitter, the discussion is likely to continue there. >Through Social, we can aggregate the various mentions, retweets, @replies, comments >and responses and republish them as WordPress comments.

    Automatically polls Twitter and Facebook for mentions of your post
    Displays mentions inline with comments
    Filter comments by originating source (Facebook, Twitter, or your blog as comments)
    Allow users to reply to the offsite responses

    Plugin link:

    Would be a neat feature for nodebb!!

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    @arasbm As a recent NodeBB explorer (and NodeJs) I'll suggest you to start with the harder of plugins and themes and it's plugins.
    As I understand the thing :

    Plugin is a custom behaviour that could work on every NodeBB forum and that is not based on the theme. It should be configurable (if needed) and not conflict. It try to solves a problem that is experience related. Theme is how you want your NodeBB forum to look like. It's easier to go inside because it's based on a sublime api and it's just css/html and and a bit of JS. If you want you theme to create a custom behaviour that is only applicable to itself then you can because themes are created and treated like plugins.
    You can take a look at the api on every NodeBB page with {origin}/api/{path}

    Both plugins and themes can make the use of the api and write content to use after. Take a look of the existing ones and you'll have a good point of view to start developing you owns.

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    i replied in the wrong thread, well related thread,