How to install NodeBB with the official Docker image

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    Hi everyone !!

    I am trying to install NodeBB in my local environment to test how everything goes but I am unable to perform the installation.

    I manage to do

    docker run nodebb/docker

    And it says that is live in 4567. However, when I launch localhost:4567 its stuck in a loading white screen.

    I also tried this installation with docker guide, but I am not able to install Redis, and it is the first step:

    When I try any of these commands:

    docker run --name my-forum-redis -d -p 6379:6379 nodebb/docker:centos-redis
    docker run --name my-forum-redis -d -p 6379:6379 nodebb/docker:ubuntu-redis

    It returns: Error response from daemon: manifest for nodebb/docker:centos-redis not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

    Does anybody know how to perform the installation with Docker?
    Thanks in advance.

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