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  • Hello, I would like to remove email field to replace it with something other, like a token so I can make only the ones who get one register. The point is, how can I make the email validation to be always valid? I tried to modify register.js then rebuiling and restarting but it didn't work, is there something else I must modify? 😕

  • @cristagolem Any chance you can use the built-in invitations system instead? Then you can issue invites to email addresses and NodeBB handles the token.

  • @julian I wanted to make token accessible by the use of a webapp, I was also interested in making it use other platform account names, such as Minecraft account name for the forum I was making for my minecraft server, and I want it to be somewhat more rapid than an invitation system, thus making people register using their account as an email.

  • @cristagolem Can you let me know what you tried to comment out in register.js?

  • @julian Basically I replaced the whole validateEmail() function to be only

    function validateEmail(email, callback) {
    callback = callback || function () {};
    		var email_notify = $('#email-notify');
    		socket.emit('user.emailExists', {
    			email: email,
    		}, function (err, exists) {
    			showSuccess(email_notify, successIcon);
    		}); }

    and I am getting "invalid email" error after accepting forum terms, of course I am not inserting an email but in this case a minecraft username

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