Unsolved Different icons on NodeBB?

  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    I'm well aware that NodeBB doesn't have many icons that can be found on FontAwesome.
    What I'm wondering is there a way to use icons in font awesome that aren't included with nodeBB? Especially in HTML/CSS? If you could that would be really well, for some reason I find myself needing the discord Icon a lot. I don't know why.

    PS: There is a bullhorn icon in this forum's composer that does nothing. It has no data besides being an icon if you look at it with Dev-Tools.

  • NodeBB Admin

    The bullhorn is for the canned responses plugin. Looks like that plugin needs to be updated.

  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    @baris Maybe it was just a bug or you/one of the devs fixed it. Anyways, do you have any info on my question? or anyone else do you have any answers?

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